Water Birds


Other Water Bird carvings

This page groups a number of water birds other than ducks, geese and swans.

Sea Birds
There are 2 types of sea bird wood carvings in this collection; Puffin and Gannet. These look good in groups – see the Gallery for examples of puffins. For sea ducks, see this page. Puffins now sold out.

There are several different Great-crested Grebe carvings, which are some of the most popular birds on the BirdCarver site.

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Gannets are very large, swan-sized seabirds that dive for fish in a spectacular plunge


Great-crested Grebe 1

This Great-crested Grebe has its crest and ruff fully displayed




Great-crested Grebe 2

Great-crested Grebe partially displaying its crest


Great-crested Grebe 3

Great-crested Grebe with its crest in a relaxed position




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Buy your bird carving with Credit Card, Debit Card or with PayPal


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