Duck Carvings


There are 13 types of ducks in 4 groups in this collection:

Shoveler duck - dabbling duck carvings

Goldeneye duck - diving duck carvings

Dabbling Ducks
Dabbling Ducks - surface feeding ducks of rivers, lakes and shallow water that often up-end in search of food. There are 3 dabbling ducks in the collection – Pintail, Shoveler, and Teal

Diving Ducks
Unlike dabbling ducks, diving ducks feed mainly by diving for food well below the surface. There are 4 diving ducks in the collection – Goldeneye, Pochard, Tufted Duck and Ruddy Duck

mergansers - sawbill duck carvings

eider duck - sea duck carvings

Sawbills are diving ducks having slender toothed bills with a hook at the end that are specially designed for catching fish. There are 3 sawbills – Red-breasted Merganser, Goosander and Smew

Sea Ducks
Sea Ducks are migratory Diving Ducks that are seen mainly at sea. There are 3 types of sea duck in the collection – Eiders, Long-tailed Ducks and Scoters

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